Club Notes

It’s Thursday so it must be time to get on your bike…….

Nenagh CC Juniors: training is on today at 2:00pm at the Five Alley. We will practicing some sprinting today, so make sure you practice your finish line winning poses! You should make sure you bring something to drink and eat. We don’t want anymore lads getting the knock out there!!!

summer-leagueNenagh Summer League: is on this evening at 7:00pm at Gooig. It’s gonna be a lovely day for cycling so make the most of it. Don’t give up on the season just yet as there is still a number of weeks to go. The gains you make this year will carry over to next year. You also have our End of Year Cycle to train for!!

Marshall needed: we need one more to marshal for this evening so send Shane a text 0872605743 if you can marshal. If you want to cycle then cycle – this appeal is more for the people that have never marshaled before and are not taking part this eve! One night won’t kill you, unless the cars don’t respect your hi-vis authority on the roundabouts and they plough straight into you, but thats a risk you are going to have to take!!!

Saturday Spin: we will continue to go long this Saturday. The cycle will kick off at 8:00am from the pool. Choose the turn around point that suits you and cycle there before turning for home. We expect 4 or 5 juniors to join us for this training session. We will be throwing in some interval work into this session once the beginners and juniors have turned off. The average pace will also increase as the cycle goes on. See you all there!




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