Club Notes

Summer Leagues: both senior and youth races are on today. Senior at 7:00pm (text Shane if you can marshal) and Youth races at 2:00pm.

Lough Derg Sprint: Shane is putting together a marshal list and needs 9 more volunteers. There are a lot of club members helping out but there are also a lot keeping their heads low on this one. We don’t mind if you are racing elsewhere or have serious prior arrangements but please don’t miss out through a desire to go training or cos you just aren’t bothered. If we all just focused on ourselves then there would be no club. You will be finished by 12:00 and can go training after. Time to ask brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, kids to help out! Text Shane if you can marshal 0872605743.

** if you are a club member and you have decided to race, the club policy is for you to find someone to marshal for you if you can. Send their name on to Shane – we will give them a nice handy marshaling job!

Marshal positioning: you will be able to check on this website on Friday where exactly you will be positioned for marshaling at the triathlon.

Senior Saturday Cycle: as our Lough Derg Sprint takes place this Saturday morning there will be no club cycle. We would appreciate if those that normally cycle with us take some time out to marshal at our event. Head out cycling then in the afternoon.

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