Club Notes

Events coming up

  • This evening – TT league race 5 at 7:00pm at the hospital.
  • Tomorrow evening – Nenagh Summer League at 7:00pm. With all the lads at the Rás we would like people to cover for them at the race. Turn up and cycle or contact Eoin Sheehan if you can marshall.
  • Saturday cycle – 8:30am from the pool.

Racing Results

  • ETU race Weert, Darren Dunne pulled off a fantastic result last Saturday in Holland. Darren was racing for Ireland in his first international race and produced a fantastic result finishing in 19th place and just missing out on qualification for the youth olympics by 4 seconds.
    • Triathlon Ireland report – “Darren Dunne from Tipperary missed out on qualification for the Youth Olympic Games by a mere 4 seconds in Holland on Saturday. Dunne had some work to do as he came out of the swim in 10:54 just over a minute down on the leader Hull of Great Britain.James Edgar, a newcomer to triathlon had a superb swim as he pushed the pace and exited the water in 2nd place. Onto the bike and Dunne was going very well as he made this way through the groups but could not catch the leading group of some 20 athletes.Once on the run, Dunne started the blitz through the field as he clocked the 5th fastest run of the day in 15:23. He picked up a plenty from the pack ahead but couldn’t quite get the Israeli athlete, Omri Bahat who claimed the final qualification spot.”
    • Report from the man himself Darren DunneWednesday:  Finished school, nothing packed and sure what else to do but go for a cycle. I eventually got home and didn’t start packing until at least 9! Most of the packing went as normal but I had no idea how much hassle a bike box would be. It didn’t help that the saddle was wedged into the seat post. Gave “Uncle Keith” a ring and he called over and let’s just say there was a lot of grunting and twisting going on to get it moved. Packed and in bed by 12.
      Thursday:  Fairly uneventful day really. Up at four to get to Dublin airport and before I knew it we were in our hotel about 6km away from the race area. Put the bikes together, quick trip to Lidl and just relaxed for the day.
      Friday:  Normal start to the day. At 11 we went into town and cycled 2 loops of the bike course. Non-technical really just one dodgy corner and 2 narrow sections to watch. The claimed “short sharp hill” was less of a hill than the driveway into my house!!  Bikes away and wetsuits on for the swim familiarization with all the other athletes. Small bit of a current but nothing major. Back to the hotel for food and then back to town for the race briefing. The way they were talking it was like listening to Paul Scully outside Nenagh swimming pool. While the coaches went off to rage war about the proposed swim start we had our “pasta party”. Back to the hotel, stickers on bikes, gear packed and off to bed.
      Saturday: Race day. We didn’t have to leave too early so it was a calm start to the day. We drove to the event hotel and me and James said best of luck to the girls. They were an hour before us so we went into the hotel and put in the earphones until it was time to register. Needles to say listening to upbeat music simultaneously scared the crap out of us and certainly got the nerves going!! Eventually wandered down to registration, pictures taken, numbers and chip gotten and time for more relaxing.  Eventually set transition up, figured out where to go and waited around for the bus to bring us down to the swim warm up. Looking back it probably wasn’t a sufficient warm up but I got nervous with 74 other lads    swimming around me. Next time
      Swim:  Didn’t get killed at the start but still not a good start. Looking back at the video the ground I lost from the very start to finish is embarrassing. I got out of the water in 52nd position and 1:16 down on the first swimmer. Not good but looking at James time (he was 2nd out of the water) I was about where I should have been.  A horrendous T2 meant for lots of work to do on the bikeCycle: The bike was 3 laps of 5.8km so it was well short of 20km in the end. Hit the first 3k all out and man did that hurt.  Caught up to what ended up as the 3rd group and did a good bit of work. Laps 2 and 3 I did my fair share but we were very unorganized. To be honest, the bike was easy compared to our own summer leagues; our average speed was 40kmph on perfect, flat roads. By the end of the bike I felt as if I hadn’t even cycled. I suppose it’s the advantage of not being allowed draft back In Ireland. After a bit of walking in T2 because of congestion it was onto the run.Run:  The run was 3 laps with three 180 degree turns and two 90 degree turns on each lap. Started out slower than normal to try avoid cramps and thankfully it worked. I didn’t realize for a few minutes but I was actually catching a lot of lads on the run. Ended up with the 5th fastest run split with 15:23 so the run went ok. Happy enough with it. Found out after the race if id caught the guy 4 seconds in front of me I would have qualified for worlds but I gave it everything so can’t have too many regrets. That was hard to take though!

      Got the bikes from transition and went home. Had a team talk and even more relaxing before the relay
      Sunday:  Same as Saturday really, register, set up transition and go warm up. I don’t have much to say about the relay, I just went all out and it hurt from start to finish but it was a good experience. Went out for a nice burger and chips after and got a nice bit of slagging for sneaking into McDonalds for a McFlurry after but it was worth it.

      19th in Europe. Plenty of work to do in the pool but other than that I’m happy with how I compare to the best. All in all a savage experience and I can’t wait to race like that again. Can’t wait to meet up with the lads at local races too. Thanks for reading, see ye soon.

  • Crotty Cup: a strong team took part in the crotty cup in Co. Clare last Saturday. Kevin Sherlock won the A4 race there last year but was unavailable this year. The question was – could someone in the club reclaim the winners cup for the club? The answer was no but the lads came very close! Hugh Flannery was best placed just missing out on the win finishing 2nd. Graham Prendergast did very well winning his first A4 points of the year. Keith Butler also scored points for the club finishing in 6th. With Hugh’s 2nd place finish he has just gained promotion to the A3 division. That will probably be Hugh’s last race of the year!!! Any photo evidence lads???

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