Club Notes

Kalmar Accommodation: the balance of €350 for accommodation for the Ironman is due to be paid before May 9th. Majella would appreciate it if you could drop down the money before then.

Limerick Summer League: 10 club members made the trip out to Gooig for the 2nd round of the Limerick Summer League. As usual the race itself was enjoyable and the average pace at the end was 43km per hour which is pretty fast!

Nenagh Summer League: takes place tomorrow at 7:00pm. The main cycle out from Nenagh is going to go at the earlier time of 6:05 SHARP to make sure we are on time for once!! We would like for some different club members to volunteer to marshall/take photos or video this week – you might as well get your turn out of the way – text Shane if you are available to marshall.

Nenagh CC Juniors: once again there will be no training this week as everyone is still on holidays from school. If you are bored stiff at home then come out and give the Dromineer Time Trial route a go at 6:45pm!

Dromineer Duathlon: takes place this evening between 6:30pm and 7:00pm. We would like if everyone could leave off their handicap time e.g. John Ryan is first to go at 6:30pm (so needs to be in Dromineer early to set-up) and Gary Scully is last to go at 6:53pm (so can arrive in Dromineer 30 mins after John). However, we don’t mind if you arrive earlier or later than scheduled. We won’t be sticking strictly to those times and will just start you when you are ready.


Handicap Times – if your name is missing then just start at a time of a person of similar ability.

Gary Scully 06:53
Darren Dunne 06:52
Keith Butler 06:52
Shane Scully 06:52
Mike Browne 06:53
Andy McLoughlin 06:50
Eoin O’Donoghue 06:49
Eoin Woolley 06:48
Ross O’Meara 06:48
Daniel Gallagher 06:48
Matty Kennedy 06:47
Sinnead Oakes 06:46
Ronan O’Driscoll 06:46
Eddie O’Meara 06:44
Barry Creamer 06:44
Ronan Walshe 06:43
Noel Daly 06:42
Anthony Sherlock 06:41
Eoin Buckley 06:40
Ken Hassett 06:40
Denis O’Meara 06:39
Johnny Meaghar 06:37
Noel Kennedy 06:36
Gillian Mounsey 06:36
Eddie Tucker 06:36
Ramon Rodriquez 06:36
Will Rymer 06:35
Geraldine Kyne 06:36
Olivia Cahalan 06:36
Eoin O’Connor 06:34
Simon Hickey 06:32
John Ryan 06:30

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