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summer-leagueNenagh Summer League

Race 2 of the Nenagh Summer League takes place this evening at 7:00pm at Gooig. Gooig is located on the N7 between Daly’s Cross and Birdhill. A group will roll out from Nenagh (Stereame Car Park) at 6:10 SHARP. If you are running late then drive straight out to Birdhill and meet us there.

More experienced cyclists will be placed in the first two bunches to make sure that the rolling over is organised properly. We don’t want to see the groups falling apart straight away like last week. For most that should mean the cycle is a little easier but faster.

We need 4 marshalls for this event. If you are free to help out this evening then get in contact with Shane 0872605743. We would like for all club members to volunteer to marshall at least once. Our preference is for you to race but if you are injured or have a cold or you are resting up for a big race then you might think about volunteering.


Two easy training sessions for people looking to start with our club.

You don’t need to worry about paying membership fees as there are none! just turn up and do your best. If you need more info then get in contact with Shane at (087) 2605743.

  1. Beginner Run: takes place on Friday evening at 6:30pm from Tescos. This is suitable for beginners only. Martin Farrell is the organiser of this run so what he says goes.
  2. Leisure Cycle: There will be a very easy paced leisure cycle for club members to do on Easter Monday at 9:30am. This cycle is really only for beginners or for anyone that fancies a very relaxed cycle with a bit of a chat. The group plan on cycling to Ballina where they will probably stop for a break before returning back to Nenagh.


Nenagh CC – Seniors & Juniors – Here is your new goal…..

Kanturk 3 Day

This stage race takes place at the start of May – Sat 3rd to Mon 5th. There is an A2/A3 race, A4 race and a youth race. The race takes place over 3 days for seniors and 2 days for youths. We want to send a big team down to this race so let Shane or Gary know if you would like to go and they will enter you. Alan, Bob, Simon, Gary, Shane and Kenneth are already planning on taking part. It would be great if we could double that number.

Time for our juniors to take the big step! We would love for some of our juniors to take part. The race won’t be easy but you have to start somewhere. If you plan on taking part then get in contact early with Gary. He will sort our your entry, but we also need to make sure you have the right gear ratio on your bike. We will be able to give you a lift down if needs be. There are 2 stages and a time trial to do. Think about it and get back to us asap! If you are going to do this then you need to get stuck into your training over the holidays. This is a big step up from our normal spins.

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We need to enter our teams next week so get in contact with us soon.

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