Club Notes

** late update: start time for today’s cycle is now 6:00 (this has changed since this morning)

Today’s training: the Limerick League is called off this evening, so the racing lads are going off doing a tough hill set which wouldn’t be suitable for most as there would be no waiting around. The 6:00pm cycle from Moynans’s shop is still going ahead so if it was your intention to do that anyway then you are still in luck!

Monday track session: there was a good turn out at yesterday’s run. It was great to see some new old faces back on the track. We attempted our first hill repeat session of the year with 15 hill repeats to do for the leaders and 4 miles of continuous running in the main set. We hope everyone’s legs are ok today! This is the only club run session of the week so make it your business to attend every Monday if possible.

Nenagh CC Club Gear: The club are looking for people to pay for some of the gear in advance if possible this week. YOu can give the money to Kevin or Shane when you see them.


Wednesday’s Time Trial League

When? starts tomorrow at 7:00pm SHARP.

Where? from the hospital car park.

If you want to get in a warm-up then park your car down at the pool and join us at 6:15 SHARP.

Who? suitable for seniors and juniors, cyclists and triathletes. Triathletes should look to bring runners with them and run for a bit in the CBS after the race.

Cost? free + free refreshments at the end.

Why? glory or simply just to toughen a few of ye wimps up a little! We are trying to build a chicken s**t list of who is too scared to turn up. We expect the list to fill up fast. Seriously though, this is a great training session for everyone to attend. If you are a triathlete then you have no excuse not to attend as this is what we do. Commit to doing all these races and watch your times fall.

How is it run? Competitors will be let go at one minute intervals – we might reduce this to 30 seconds if there is a very large crowd in attendance as we don’t want to hold people up. You choose your distance and then line up. The people targeting the longer distance go first as it will take them roughly an hour to finish. Next off are the 14 mile people and lastly the 9 mile people.  The 9 milers should all still reach the finish line first.

Any other rules? NO DRAFTING

Route? There is a choice of 3 different routes. The juniors will only be allowed target the shorter distance. For seniors the choice is yours. The 19km route is obviously the toughest as it involves a climb up Seáníns hill.

Route 1: is just over 9 miles long and takes you from Nenagh out to Kilkeary cross, then over to the Dublin Road and back into the swimming pool. This is a flat course with just one small hill at Knockalton.

Route 2: is 14 miles long and takes you from Nenagh out to Ballinamona, then over to Toomevara and back into the swimming pool. This is a flat course with just one small hill at Knockalton and a few small bumps on your way over to Toom. This is a good distance to practice for sprint triathlons.

Route 3: is just under 19 miles long and takes you from Nenagh out to Seáníns hill. You must go up the hill and over to Toomevara and then it’s straight back to Nenagh. This is a long, hilly course but is ideal preparation for Kilkee and for the Visit Nenagh Classic road race which takes place on these roads.

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