Club Notes

Junior Cycling: Our first mid week junior cycle took place yesterday. The juniors had to endure some sprints, hill repeats and a time trial during the hour of training. There is certainly a lot of talent in the junior squad at the moment and we hope everyone keeps up the hard work.  Try and get out for a cycle over the weekend if you can (the Dublin road or Limerick road is probably the safest place to cycle).  The distances you must get comfortable cycling are listed below – these are the distances of the races you will be taking part in.

Race distances

  • 15 / 16 years old – up to 45km
  • 13 / 14 years old – up to 20km
  • 11 / 12 years old – up to 7.5km

Friday Evening Run: is on this evening at 6:15pm. Warning: In the new revamped training time table this training session is looking like being replaced as there simply isn’t enough people supporting it. We know the weather hasn’t exactly helped but this session has always suffered from a lack of numbers. As always, if people show up to a training session then we will keep it going, if not then we will look to scrap it and replace it with something else if possible. The new timetable will start on April 1st (after the clocks go forward). If this is a session you want to keep then turn up and show your support.

Best of Luck: there are plenty of club members in racing action this weekend. We should have 15 club members taking part in different cycling races around the country. There are races on Saturday in Meath and in Navan and Broadford on Sunday. Hopefully we can bring home some more points this week. There are plenty of duathlons and running races on too – whatever you are taking part in – best of luck – send us in a race report if you can!

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