Club Notes

Junior Cycling: (older) junior cycling training takes place today at 4:30. Get ready for some pain!

Circuit Training is over! well done to everyone that spent the last 5 months building the strength and conditioning needed to get through a tough triathlon season. The club would like to thank Bertie Sherlock for his help once again this year and we look forward to next October when we will be roared and screamed at again!

Monday Track Session: we return to the CBS track this Monday at 6:15pm. We will be starting off with a few easy sessions and as the weeks go by things will get progressively harder. Therefore, it is very important that you don’t miss the first few weeks. Training will consists of a warm-up around the fields, some strides and running drills, some dynamic stretching, a main set and a cool down. This should take about 1 hour to do.

For beginners: This is your chance to get up off the couch and get fit for the summer. We are not saying it is going to be easy but with a little determination you can get there. All the running takes place in the CBS school grounds, so nobody gets left behind. It might seem a little bit daunting at first but stick with it and you will see the benefits. Take your first training session very easy – you can jog/walk if you want. We want you to build your fitness slowly and that takes time and commitment. There is no point turning up to your first training session and hammering it and then not being able to walk the next day – if you do this then you are highly likely to give up immediately.  There will be people faster than you there – so what?! leave them off. Slow and steady will eventually win the race. We hope to see you there.

Rás Fundraising: in our team’s continuing efforts to raise much needed funds for our club debut at the An Post Rás we will offering things for sale online. What sort of things, I hear you ask?! they will be the type of thing that people will get use out of and they will come at a serious discount. Just to give some examples:

  • €50 for 5 sports massage treatments
  • €50 for personal swim/bike/run/triathlon coaching for the year
  • €50 for a full bike service
  • €500 for a carbon bike
  • €100 for a business/personal website
  • €5000 for a dinner date with Keith Butler.
  • we will probably even offer some cheap science grinds!!

We hope to get this started next week so keep visiting the website. The best thing about this is that not only do we benefit from this but you will too. If anyone has any special skills that you would like to offer up for a discount to aid our fundraising efforts then let us know. Perhaps you have some equipment to sell / get rid of – we will accept anything that we think might sell.

Senior Cycling: If any of our senior members are available to help Shane at 4:30pm with the junior cycle then turn up at the CBS. It will only take 1 hour of your precious time. The Baby Jesus himself will reward you in heaven for your kind deeds.

Saturday cycle: the weather is looking good for this. The route we will doing is shown below. A lot of the racing group people are going to be away racing on Saturday, so there might not be a racing group there to chase the first group down. Throw in two interval sets into the route and remember to try to work together as a team – for some that will mean slowing down a bit and for others that will mean having to speed up a little. The aim is not to drop all your team mates! There are multiple turn off points for beginner cyclists who want to turn up and give it a go.


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