Club Notes

Best of Luck: to all our club members racing tomorrow. We will have people at the Limerick Duathlon, Lacey Cup and Loughrea bike race. We hope it goes well for ye!!

Saturday Cycle: There was a large turn out for the Saturday spin with 18 club members out on the roads this morning. The weather was dry for a change but the winds were strong. This made the cycle a tale of two halves. On the way out to Birr we were flying it but on the way back we were dying a bit – God, I am such a poet! There were two tough interval sessions on the cycle – both roughly about 10 miles in length. The first group won the gallop to Birr, but the racing group are blaming it on a puncture! I don’t think the racing group would have gotten close though, as by all accounts, the first group were very well organised and that is key to going fast.

From Birr all the way home we faced into a very strong head wind. Progress was slow but we all managed to stay together until Borrisokane where we split again into two groups. If the first group were to stay ahead this time into the wind, they would really have to work together as a team. The racing group set off in chase after giving the first group a few minutes head start. Barely 400m down the road we came across 5 lads pulled in to fix a puncture – the racing group ploughed on ahead – no waiting at this stage! It wasn’t long before we started seeing a series of splintered groups spread across the road. Where was the teamwork?!!! The group ahead had clearly lost its organisation from earlier in the spin and now they were battling the wind in ones and twos = not a happy place to be and certainly not a fast way to be. The racing group worked well together and soon gobbled them all up and spat them out the back.

After 55 miles of cycling there were plenty of tired bodies coming back into Nenagh. With a tough race to do tomorrow, the racing group did well today and put in a nice effort. Although as soon as that first group get their act together and start working for each other (instead of against each other), there will be no stopping them!

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