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Thank Crunchie it’s Friday! we are coming to the end of another week of training – you have just one big weekend of fun to get through!! It feels a bit strange out there without a storm to deal with every second day. I think it’s safe for those in hibernation to wake up now. Your plans for the weekend should include:

  • Friday evening run: 6:15pm @ the CBS – it’s almost time for us to be back on the track. Monday evening track sessions are just around the corner so get ready for them by turning up to this run session. In order to run fast you must train fast.
  • Saturday Cycle: 9:00am @ the pool – nice flat route for Saturday. Weather should be daycent!
  • Race on Sunday – you can either hop on your bike and take part in the Lacey Cup or the Loughrea Race or head in to Limerick for the Limerick Duathlon. With the triathlon season almost upon us it is time to start getting those racing legs in shape.

Events / Committee Meeting – change of time (as original time clashes with the Ireland rugby match). New time is at 7:00pm in the Abbey Court Hotel lobby. It should take just a half hour of your time. No bother at all if you can’t make it as we will update this website with any relevant information.

Text List: a group text was sent this morning. If you didn’t receive it and should have then send your name and number to Shane at 0872605743. With regards to the texts that are sent out – there is no need to reply back to them unless asked in the text. They are just notifications so read them, then delete them.

Junior Cycling Training Day: takes place tomorrow in the CBS at 2:30pm. Make sure to let your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends and anyone you think might be interested know.

Junior Triathlon Training Day: the club is taking steps to start our own junior triathlon training day. We hope to run this on the same day and time as the junior cycling day. Both sports involve cycling so with this overlap we see no problem with including training both teams together.

Nenagh CC: Race Report from Monasterevin from Anita Egan

So on Sunday I headed off in the camper van with my team feeling very excited, it was like a school tour and I was going well prepared. In my big bag I had packed everything I could think of, a few changes of clothes, towels , food, lots of drinks, safety pins, scissors etc but no razor (sorry Shane!).  Missing race licences, punctures, slightly irate drivers – nothing could dampen my spirits and by the time we got to Monasterevin I was hyper with fear and excitement.

At the sign on desk I saw that only four other women had signed on before me so I knew then that there wouldn’t be a separate women’s race. After a short warm up I was standing at the side of the road with the lads when I noticed six or seven girls lining up with the A3s. You can imagine the panic that went through my mind at that point – this wasn’t part of the plan!! I had never considered racing with the A3s. Eek times 10 million! I went over to one of the girls and she told me to follow her and we slotted in up near the front about 5 rows back. Before I had time to think we were off.

I have cycled around after our racing team a good few times now, I had been able to hang on at some very fast paces but the first few kilometres of this race were a total shock to my system. They were flying it and my heart felt like it was going to burst out through my chest. I actually hit a new max heart rate in the first 5 minutes. After a while though it settled down and for a few minutes I was lulled into a false sense of security when the pace dropped. However all of a sudden it would surge on again and I had to fight to keep up. After about 10kms I went out the back and couldn’t fight my way back on.

I felt very dejected after that. Really annoyed with myself. I could have pushed harder and hung on longer but I blew it. I even considered turning for home when I saw two guys turning ahead of me. But I knew the slagging wouldn’t be worth it!! I carried on alone for a while until I was caught by the girl I was talking to at the start and we worked together until the A4s caught us. I was thrilled to be able to hop on with them pretty easily and as luck would have it, I managed to hop on right at the time the rest of the Nenagh CC lads where passing me. It was great to have their encouragement and advice on where to go and what to do to avoid the cross wind. I managed to keep on the back of Kevin’s wheel for a while but just like before I only managed 10kms was back on my own after a severe left turn. Lesson learned – I really need to work on my cornering skills!

Managed to work with another girl for the rest of the race. We were having a great old chat at one stage and took a wrong turn. Lesson learned – no more chats during races! We were finally joined by another girl and the three of us worked to the finish line where we managed a sprint finish.

So there you have it. My first race. I loved it. The buzz I felt after was amazing. It was so tough, I made a lot of silly mistakes and I learned a lot of valuable lessons too. I have a long way to go. The level is so much higher than anything I have experienced. I wish I managed to hang on longer. But next time I know I will. Cant wait for it!

For all the female Nenagh CC members or Nenagh Tri Club members who have never considered bike racing, I would totally recommend it. It would be great to have a girl’s team to support each other at races. If I can do it, you totally can too!

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