Club End of Year Events

It is that time of year when we begin to pack up shop and take a few well earned weeks rest before starting up again for next season. As ever we will mark this with our AGM and the infamous end of year swim. In addition, again for our junior and novice members we will be running “Try a tri 2” and details on all these can be found below.

Saturday 2nd September: Try a tri 2


Try a tri 2: starts at 9am in Nenagh Leisure Centre

For our novice and junior members we will be running “Try a tri 2”. This will be starting at Nenagh Leisure centre at 9am and is free to enter for anyone who wishes to take part.

For those who took part in the “try a tri” event in June an application form was included with the pack and this can be dropped to the Leisure centre or to any committee member.

If you do not have an application form all you need to do is send on the relevant details (Name; Address; DOB; Mobile; Estimated swim time for 250m) and send this on the our email at

As ever we will need the help of a few marshals on the day to help with the Juniors on the course and for traffic etc. so if anyone is free for about 90min on Saturday morning to help out it would be really appreciated and you can let a member of the committee know or put your name on the Viber group.

Saturday 9th September: Tri Leader Course

Tri Leader Course: starts at 9am in Nenagh Abbey Court hotel

As part of the ongoing club development the club have been awarded a Coaching and development grant from Tipperary Sports Partnership and this has been allocated in order to provide a Tri Leader course that will be held in Nenagh. The TRI Leader course is the first step on the TI coaching ladder but it is also aimed at those who help out at sessions and events. At the moment the club have very few members with sufficient qualifications to organise sessions and so this course is vital for the development of both the club and Junior club.

This qualification is the first step in the process of becoming a qualified triathlon coach (to date the club only has one TI qualified coach) and is required for those helping running the club in general.

The cost of the course is covered and it is all undertaken in one day, so with it on our own doorstep we would hope that a number of members  will take the opportunity to attend and help further club development (we are hoping a minimum 6-8 will come or the course will not be able to go ahead).

More information can be found on the TI link below and just let a member of the committee know if you can attend.

Saturday 9th September: End of Year Swim

End of Year Swim: starts at 5:30 in Youghal.

We are expecting around 10-15 swimmers at this +/- IronMan Barcelona candidates?? As ever there are 2 swimming options with the overall finish at Garrykennedy. There will be people there in cars to drop your gear over to Garrykennedy. All you have to do is swim over, jump in the shower, get changed and head into the pub for pints.

If someone has a kayak or boat available on the day to provide cover for the swimmers then let a committee member know and come down and join in with us.

Saturday 9th September: Triathlon Club AGM

End of Year AGM: starts at 8pm: venue TBC

Following the swim we will be having our annual AGM and will get back when we have confirmed a venue for this. We would hope that as many members as possible can attend this event as there have been a number of developments within the club over the past year and as ever we would like as many members as possible to come and play a role in the determining the aims and objectives of the club for the upcoming year. This is a pretty informal meeting and will not take too long but it is important that if you are free that you attend.

The club is more than just the committee and at committee level we would like to get the views and opinions of as many members as possible on further club development for the 2018 season.

In Triathlon terms we are a small club and so rely more heavily than other clubs on our members having an active role within the club so leaving the running of the club to the few on the committee is not a long-term viable option for us so we hope that the club will support this meeting! And as ever if you wish to have a more formal role within the club at committee level we are sure we can find something for you!!!!


As with our previous AGMs following the meeting there will be some food and a few drinks on offer for anyone interested…..another good reason to attend!!!!!


Any suggestions or issues that you may want to discuss regarding the club at this meeting then just let a member of the committee know. 




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