Club Cycle

The new route seemed to act as a catalyst for increased numbers on the Saturday morning cycle.  Fourteen or so left the pool and we picked up a few more at Portroe. The observant will notice there is a lot of red jerseys in the accompanying group photograph and the Wheelers were out in force for this cycle. This led to a good fast cycle which averaged 30.5kph and some impressive racing up stiff hills by the guys in red. There were even some hill repeats on show and encouragement of flagging cyclists. The stop was at O’Brien’s Bridge with various snack foods being compared; should it be jelly babies & coke, Turkish delight or (if you’re really flattened) a pint of Guinness and peanuts? [the Guinness sounds good but not so sure about maintaining the average speed after a pint!] The group split at the turn for Silvermines with some of the keen guys getting in some extra miles heading for Dolla and perhaps Seanins. While the rest headed into Nenagh finishing a 102km cycle in 3 hours 25 minutes. With the 7.30am start, home in plenty of time for lunch and still a decent run at the day.

club cycle o briens bridge

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