Club Cycle Report

MIND THE ROCK!  The people of Templemore have great concern for strangers…..so much so that they write up warning signs on half tonne boulders in case anyone might miss them, bless!    

Templemore Park was indeed the venue for our midway stop on Saturday’s cycle. It is also the venue for a 5 &10K assault course next Sunday the 20th, in case anyone is interested, called “Twisted”….but back to the cycle. Meeting up at 9.00am, the group had to wait for Majella and Cliodhna, as they had been out since 7.30am doing all sorts of things, such as time trialing. All this intense excercise early in the morning seemed to give them the perfect excuse to stay at the back of the group chatting, completly avoiding the front and then dropping out and heading back home early! The rest of the crew settled into a steady pace on what was a perfect morning for a cycle, with only slight winds and pleasant temperatures. The average speed was a respectable 27kph over 73km with everyone getting back to Nenagh safely. Well done, in particular, to the new members of the group who came back after last week and stuck with the group successfully throughout.

PS: Within minutes of the photo being taken a large tractor moved the boulder out of the way, maybe they thought the danger had passed, as they watched the Nenagh Tri Club cycling out of the park!

Club Cycle 12 Oct 2013



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