Has Michael “Nidgey” Noonan been swimming in your pocket this week?

Does the new budget make you want to run and hide?

With all these tax increases are you thinking of cycling into the sunset and abandoning all hope?

Never fear, Nenagh Triathlon Club are here! Our aim: enrich your life by helping your pocket and fitness all in one! Its Nenagh Triathlons Budget busting year:


The success of a triathlon club is down to its diligent members and dedicated trainers. So as a thank you to all our members we are doing a year of free membership. (If you have already paid please contact Majella for a refund 0876618801)

If you are unfamiliar with our club and are curious about triathlon then this is a great year to join the club and see what everyone in Nenagh is talking about! It is an addiction (good one!) that grows quickly and you wont be disappointed with our superb training that is on offer. Our trainers are some of Irelands top triathletes both past and present. Shane Scully and Keith Butler have been paramount to the clubs success through facilitating early morning swims to late evening runs. Our new training time table is going “live” from Monday the 21st of October. We have had an extended break this Autumn which means everyone must be biting at the bit to get stuck back into training!!

This is the start of your base training. Without this your triathlon fitness will struggle to get going next year and you’ll miss out on all the crack!! A good level of fitness obtained during these winter months will gain you that extra bit of strength to get you over the finish line 10 mins faster than last year! Our new training time table is:

  • Mondays: Berties Boot Camp. This starts at 7pm at Nenagh Athletics Running Complex. This circuit training builds up your core and physical strength. Not to mention your “complex” as Bertie points out how bad you are!! All levels are catered for as you push yourself to your own limits.


  • Tuesday Mornings: 6:30am swim. Flippers are required for this session. These can be purchased on the website Swimcyclerun.com. A 5% discount has been secured for Nenagh Triathlon members so just quote Nenaghtri when placing am order.


  • Tuesday Evenings: Turbo Training at 7:30pm at Nenagh Athletics Running Complex. This is for all levels as you can go as hard or as slow as you want. We have a few club turbo trainers if you want to try it out for a week or two, but in the long-term we recommend you purchase your own as there are not always enough to go around. 


  • Wednesdays: * Run at 6pm. This is aimed at all levels. The route is 3 miles around town and the route is fully lit. You can do it once, twice or three times depending on your ability. We will have group leaders that will take runners that do 10 minute miles, 9 minute miles and 8 minute miles. The meeting place is at Tesco car park and we will organise ourselves then. * Swim at 8pm. This is ideal for beginners, but the set will cater for all levels too. No flippers are used during this session. Beginners: if you can do 4 lengths in a row then this will bring you up to 40!


  • Thursdays: 6:30am morning swim. Same as Tuesday mornings. Thursday evenings are your day off so enjoy it!!


  • Fridays: 6:15pm interval run session. We meet at the CBS at 6pm and do a light warm up run to the civic offices. Again, all levels are catered for as we do interval training around the car park so no one gets left behind.


  • Saturdays: 9am club cycle. We meet at the pool at 9am. 2 Saturday cycles have come and gone and beginners are still turning out eager to get the miles in.


  • Sundays: We join up with the North Tipp Wheelers on a Sunday morning. You can attend one or two of these to see if it’s for you, after that you are asked to join the Wheelers and pay the relevent Cycling Ireland fee for insurance purposes. They have free membership for anyone who is joining them for the first time. They aim to have 3 groups on a Sunday if the numbers allow. Please follow the following link for full details. North Tipp Wheelers.

Swimming Lanes: Currently we only have 2 lanes at all swimming sessions as we have had low numbers attending. As soon as we have large numbers attending again Keith will flex his muscles and put up a third lane! Please try to make these sessions as swimming takes a long time to improve in, and we will not have this facility at our disposal for January, February and March. People will have to motivate themselves to go to UL or Roscrea for these months while the leisure centre is being refurbished, and if you have the next few months done with the club you will have an idea of what sets to do.

Other training sessions: Outside these club run training sessions there are a few people who meet up and do extra runs etc. If you are organising any of these and would like some company please put a post on Facebook or contact me (Mary) and I can pop something up on the website, or text Majella and she can send a text around.

Juniors: Please note that only juniors that are 16 years old and over can attend training sessions unsupervised. Juniors that are 12-15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Our current juniors are showing great promise and we encourage other juniors to join to give them some competition!!

Text List: If you would like to be added to our text list please text Majella on 0876618801.

Coaching:  Triathlon Ireland organise various coaching courses throughout the year. If this is something you think you would be interested in please contact Majella. Shane and Keith are nearing the pension age so it would be great to get some others on board to help out!!

Finally!: Last year was hugely successful for Nenagh Triathlon Club with the North tipp Sprint bringing in record numbers. We are a popular club believe it or not! So lets make 2013-2014 even better.!

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