Bike Racing Team: Winter Cycling

Official training will be resuming on Saturday, October 5th. Anyone that wants to try out for this group is more than welcome to join us.

The standard of cycling in the town has really improved over the last while so be confident in your ability and aim to push a little higher for next year. In saying that, for many joining the bike racing group, it will still be a big step up in distance and intensity. If you plan on joining us you need to make sure you are ready for the start date. Many currently in the group will be using September to get some fitness back in the legs (after already taking enforced or unenforced breaks). We will be organising some informal & handier than usual cycles in September to improve our fitness level for the official start in October.

Let Shane know (0872605743) if you intend on joining the bike racing group next year and tag along with our group in September. Shane operates a group text list, so you need to make sure your name is on that list.

Warning: you need to take an end of year break. We don’t want you cycling with us in September if you haven’t rested up for a while. It has been a hard season for most so take your break and come back to us fresh after that. Don’t be a hero!

 Here are a few things you need to know if you are cycling with our group:

  • We would prefer to have a small bunch with a good work ethic, than a large bunch with a poor work ethic.
  • Commitment – if you are only cycling once a week and are at a completely different fitness level to the rest of us then you need to train more and improve your fitness. It is up to you to make sure your fitness level is up to the bunches level. The bunch will not slow down for you – you must speed up to it. If you take the next 2 months off and do nothing, you cannot expect the bunch to wait for you when you finally decide to start back. Work on your fitness in your own time and come cycling with us when you are ready. You might find the first few sessions are tougher than what you would like but they will eventually get easier as your fitness improves.
  • No Wait Policy – If you are way off the fitness level needed to stay with the bunch then you will be left behind. We make no apologies for this. There are 3 other cycle groups in town that will slow down for you so there is plenty of choice out there. Obviously if there is a puncture or mechanical issue the group will cycle up and down the road while waiting for you to fix the problem. We will be slightly more lenient in the first month or two of training with regards to waiting up, but don’t expect to come along in December for the first time and expect the group to wait.
  • Positivity – We want to cycle with people with a ‘can-do’ attitude. We don’t want to hear constant complaining about the sets we do. If you find that you constantly disagree with what we are trying to do then you would be better off cycling with one of the other groups whos training might suit you a lot better.
  • Racing – As the name implies, we are a racing team and not a leisure team. We expect the people that train with us to take part in bike races during the 2014 season (competing in triathlon races is fine too).

Likely October Training Timetable:

Main Training Day: Saturday – focus on distance and hills. If you can only attend one of our cycles per week then let this be it. Start time 8:00am.

Sunday: Lake cycle – coffee stop at half way. Will contain some short interval work. Start time 8:00am.

Tuesday & Thursday: Turbo – one of these turbos might be changed to an outdoor cycle with lights. We will wait for the dark evenings to kick in first before making a final group decision. Start time 7:00pm (some will be cycling from 6:30).

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