Big Cycle – 1 Day to Go

We hope ye are all ready for our big cycle tomorrow?

This cycle is open to anyone that wants to take part – club members or not. Aim to be at the start early – 7:50am is a good target time. We are expecting between 20 and 30 cyclists out on the road so it will be highly likely that we split this into two groups. A final call on this will be made tomorrow morning. If there are two groups:

Group 1 – average pace – 16/17 mph – this group will start at 8:00am SHARP. If you think the easier group will suit then make sure you are down well on time or you will be left with the faster group (don’t worry, they won’t be going that much faster).

Group 2 – average pace 18 mph – this group will start at 8:10.

The pace in both these groups will be easy enough. The End of Year Cycle is more about having a chat than a good workout. If you stay for the whole 160km route then that will be workout enough. If you need something very fast then look elsewhere.

Club Hats: everyone that takes part in the race will get a free club hat.

Support Car: there will be a car driving behind the groups, so if you get into trouble the lads in the car will sort you out.


Weather: is going to be bright with some good sunny spells at times. Top temperatures 14 to 17 C., in light to moderate northwest breezes.

Route: the route will change slightly from Garrykennedy onwards due to a race in Castleconnell tomorrow. If you can’t make it at 8:00am in the morning then join us somewhere on the route later in the day. We expect to be in Garry at 11:30am.



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