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One of the most significant club decisions of the last 7 years was made today. After weeks of deliberation and debate the club have decided to form a cycling club that will be attached to the triathlon club. We feel that this move is in the best interest of the club and ultimately its members.

For the majority of our current members this move is of no importance. However, for those triathletes that look to take part in bike races around the country and for those that just want to cycle with our club then this is an important step. As always, we hope to be able to help you reach your goals whether they are cycling or triathlon related.

Key Points

  • New Club Name: Nenagh Cycling Club
  • Youth / Junior Racing: there are currently very few young people cycling in Nenagh. We hope to change this very soon. We have already made preliminary enquiries and have had very positive feedback from students. For a club to thrive we need to have a constant influx of youth members. Our plan is to focus on skills development and racing in the U/12, U/14, U/16 and junior categories. We hope to have this started before Christmas with a view to participating in cycling events in 2014. If you have a son or daughter that might be interested in this then let them know and stay tuned as more details will be available on the website closer to the start date.
    • Volunteers: we currently have 4 volunteers willing to help out with this youth development. If you have a particular interest in the development of youth cycling in Nenagh and want to help out then let us know. It would be great if we could get one or two of our female members involved!
    • Coaching: The club will pay the cost of doing a cycling coaching course and expenses (petrol, food etc) for any club member that wants to get into coaching, provided you come back and help with coaching our youth and junior teams here in Nenagh.
    • Gear: As cycling is such an expensive support for newbies we will be looking to collect as much second hand cycling gear from our current members. We all have jerseys,shorts, shoes etc that we don’t use. We would like to gather all this together to give our new youth members a headstart.
  • But I already race for another team: Currently, many of our members race for other cycling teams. This is fine by us. We are in no way looking to change this. Carry on with what you are doing if you want or switch over and race with us if that suits better – it really is up to you. We are just providing another option for people. For our new members who wish to take up cycling you will no longer need to look elsewhere for this. You can find it all under the one roof!
  • One Membership Fee: once you pay to join the triathlon club you will automatically be entitled to join the cycling club for free or if you join the cycling club you will be entitled to join the triathlon club for free.
    • Free membership for 2014: as the triathlon club are already offering free membership for 2014 the same will apply to the new cycling club.
    • Insurance: if you want to train or race with the club you will still need to purchase insurance.
  • Club Gear: will be sorted after Christmas. Both the design of the tri gear and cycling gear will be linked.
  • Communication: Information on cycling will be made available via the triathlon website and Facebook pages. We will be tweaking the site to make it more clear that we cater for triathletes and cyclists alike.

We are currently in the process of putting together a committee and registering the club. It is very much in the early stages at the moment so bare with us. We hope this move will tempt some of our triathletes to give bike racing a go next year. The cycling season starts very early and you can really use these races to build strength and speed for the triathlon season ahead. Just like our triathlon teams, we expect to have a strong mens, womens and junior team competing on the national scene next year.

We value your feedback so if you have any ideas, questions or rants to make then get in contact with a committee member or head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.

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