Back with a Bang

The first club training session of 2014 took place earlier today. As always Saturday morning training means we are all on the bike. Today’s cycle started with a bang, actually it was more a psssst, followed by another psssst, followed by a 3rd psssst (punctures always come in 3s!) followed by a crash, bang, wallop. It was certainly an eventful morning for the large turnout of 24 cyclists. It is great to see so many people out today but it is nearly getting to the stage where the bunch is just too big. I suppose that is a great complaint to have!!

Today’s cycle saw us cover close to 60 miles, taking us through Toom, Silvermines, Birdhill, Daly’s Cross, Killaloe, Portroe, Nenagh. We threw in 3 interval efforts to liven things up and to split the large bunch so as to make cycling safer. The main interval session was from Birdhill to Killaloe. This week the racing group didn’t even get close to the first group – the racing group were too distracted by Keith and Andy’s fine rendition of the song “Ride Like the Wind” – ‘My body’s weak…I’m on the run…No time for sleep…I’ve got to ride…Ride like the wind’ (I can’t get that tune out of my head now!). After a short stop in Killaloe the bunch broke up into smaller groups, each cycling back to Nenagh at their own pace.

The weather was excellent for the entire cycle. It was cold but you wouldn’t be long warming up once the pace picks up. The cycle was a little bit disjointed today so hopefully we can get things running a little bit more smoothly next Saturday. Fair play to everyone for getting through it. The first cycle after the christmas break is always a tough one. You have it over and done with now, so well done!

Try and make it to turbo training on Tuesday at 7:30pm in the running complex. If you have lights then come cycling with us on Thursday at 6:00pm Kenyon St car park. If you are really eager then try cycling with us tomorrow – tis looking like it will be a two hour turbo tomorrow at 9:30 (Melrose). For cyclists, there are only 6 weeks to go to the start of the season. For triathletes the first duathlons are only 6 weeks away too. There is plenty to aim for so keep focused and get out on the road!

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