Annual Swim to the Pub tomorrow

The End of Year Swim takes place tomorrow at 5:30pm. We are swimming from Youghal to Garrykennedy and from there we jump into the showers and then head for the pub. Finger food will be served between 7:30 and 8:00. We will then have our AGM, which should take half an hour or so – don’t worry ye can eat and drink away while Eoin and Shane rabbit on about the club and how great they are. Actually, heavy drinking is advisable during this.

The AGM for both the triathlon club and cycling club take place tomorrow at the same time. If you have any ideas or complaints to make then this is the place to make yourself heard. Don’t be expecting a formal AGM, anything that Keith Butler is involved in becomes a joke soon enough!!

  • text Shane¬†0872605743 if you can perform kayaking/boating duties tomorrow
  • the weather will be good and the lake will be calm = easy swimming
  • try to organise a lift for yourself out to Youghal, hopefully some of the drivers can carry bags over to Garry for the swimmers
  • a lot of people haven’t swam in a long while so we are all in the same boat. Don’t worry about it. Just turn up and give it a go.
  • bring a bright coloured swim hat

Final note – we train all year together and have achieved great things together; now it’s time to celebrate together. See you all there.


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