And we’re back!

We’re back!!! And hopefully with a bang from the stampede of  people coming through the doors to training next week! No pressure! Grab a cup of tea and some cake cos it’s a long read and also your last slice of cake until Christmas!

Thank You:

First course of business is to give Paul Scully a massive THANK YOU from everyone in the club. Paul has been chairperson for the last 3 years and if I had a red book I’d do a “this is your life style” presentation! To name a few of his achievements over the 3 years: We are now fully equipped to facilitate our own races, new members have joined since Paul’s involvement in running the Try-a-tri events, and most importantly of all, no competitor in any of our races went missing or suffered long-term injuries!




Thankfully Paul will be staying on as head coach and will be joined by his new sidekick Darren Dunne! More on that later. So where does that leave us all? Well if you were at the AGM there was a lot of plying him with drink and it didn’t work! So your new chairperson is…………. John Meagher. The rest of the committee remains the same: Mary Donnellan, Cliodhna McGrath, Ronan O’Driscoll. But with one added member, our new social secretary Mr. Clever Ryan.

We are a small club so whilst there is a committee, we look for everyone’s help and input into the running of the club, so if you have ideas or suggestions please let us know. Also, we will need your help when it comes to training. We have all been at the stage where we are new to the club or just exercise in general!! So please help lead some sets with us where we might break into different groups to facilitate all levels of fitness.


I know we are all living in fear of the budget that’s about to be released but membership to the club is like food shopping to your home! We can’t survive without it. It will remain at the rock bottom price of €30 for adults, juniors are free and married couples are €50. A big change to membership this year is that you will pay through the Triathlon Ireland website (once I get it up and running).  The reason for this is insurance. We have been hounded by TI for a while now and this year we can hide no more. We offer so many coached training sessions that it’s no longer feasible for people to attend without being fully covered. Membership to the club is just that, membership. TI membership is where the insurance comes from to cover our butts! So please start emptying the couch for loose change or if you have kids they wont miss their communion money! Either way there will be a big drive to get all this closed out over the next 2 months.

So whats the benefit of your €30? Paid members will be emailed coached club training sessions one week in advance from our new coach sidekick, Darren Dunne. These sessions are for club members only and not to be shared outside of the club. This is Darren’s career and NTC are lucky to have an elite triathlete affiliated to our club and to tailor sets specifically for us.


So whats the schedule looking like?

  • Monday: We are introducing a run here which will consist of different distances to allow all abilities to attend. There will be 3K and 6K options. They may consist of loops so that we are all in the same vicinity, but this may change as the weeks go on. It will start at 7pm on the Dromin Rd outside the Tech (same location as our Thursday runs). It’s geared towards continuous running so people can build up their distance. Please make sure to wear Hi Vis gear as we will be running public roads.
  • Tuesday Morning: Our 6:30am morning swims will continue at the pool. Tuesday morning sets tend to have a sprint focus but this can change.
  • Tuesday Evening: We return to the leisure centre for turbo training and a quick run off the bikes. This starts at 7pm with an aim to do 45 mins of spinning and then a short run after to get the legs used to that transition. There are 13 spinning bikes available in the room so if you want one of those please text John on 0879387235 to block book one. Its €15 for 5 weeks and given on a first text first served basis! You can pay this next Tuesday at the first spin. You can still bring your own turbo and bike if you want too and that is free.  Hi Vis gear is required for the run.
  • Wednesday: We would like all our members to attend the masters swimming on a Wednesday at 8pm in the pool. This is a great coached session focused on all elements of swimming such as stroke work and technique as well as speed and distance. It only costs €7 and that includes your entry into the pool. This is also another reason to get your insurance as swimmers have a swim Ireland licence.
  • Thursday Morning: Our second 6:30am swim will continue with a tri specific set, also subject to change.
  • Thursday Evening: We return to the Dromin Rd for our run set. This is a 1K stretch of road and allows us to do different sets for all abilities. Again, Hi Vis is a must. 7pm start.
  • Friday Morning: There is a 6:30am masters swim sprint set.
  • Saturday: Club cycle. 8:30am outside the leisure centre. The route will be decided on the morning or its organised by people through our viber group so if you are not on it let us know and we can add you.
  • Sunday: We are introducing a mountain run at 10am. This will be for all levels too as you can choose what distance you do. There is a long loop or you can do an up and back version but its a great way to get some hill training in and the surface will be fine for normal runners.

As you can see that’s a full on week of coached training and rivals larger tri clubs in the country so please come out and support these session, pay your membership and insurance and reap the benefits during next years racing season.

New to Triathlon:

Are you fed up of looking for playlists to run to on Spotify? Are you sick of cycling against a head wind with no one to block the gale force wind in front of you? Are you drowning in the pool after 2 lengths? Then look no further than Nenagh Triathlon Club. As you can see from our list above, we have a huge amount to offer, and we encourage all levels of fitness and abilities to come join us. Go to the contact tab on our page and contact any of our committee members, or get in touch through Facebook.


Our social secretary will update you on team building events that may occur in the future but 2 definite dates for the diary are October 28th for some bank holiday madness. We have a group doing the Dublin marathon so it will be mainly to listen to their tall tales!

The second date is December 15th for the annual Christmas party. I have no comment on who could be dressing up as Santa!!!!

See you all on Monday Oct 8th with your running socks on!!!!

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