Almost back…….

Well the break time is almost up and we are just over a week away now from the start of Winter training for the 2018 schedule!! We are in the process of finalising the club training and event calendar for the 10 weeks of training that will bring us up to the Christmas break and we are sure there will be something for everyone!! There are already a number of changes to the usual training on the horizon and we will give an update on this later in the week….so hang onto your hats for this one!!!!

IronMan Barcelona

One of the final big club triathlon events of the year is taking place this week over in Barcelona with a number of the clubs elder statesman making the non-cancelled Ryanair flight over to Spain for the IronMan distance event on Saturday. Good luck to Andy, Eoin, Keith, Shane and Sean over the course and hopefully the referendum election in the area on Sunday will not result in complete pub closure for the post-event pints!!!

Circuit Training

Although the official training for the club does not get under way for over a week, for those of you that are eager to get started the Monday night circuit sessions with Bertie Sherlock will be starting from this Monday 2nd October at 7pm in Nenagh Eire Ogs McDonagh Park hall. This session offers an hour of strength and conditioning work which is invaluable in the prevention of injury so you know where is the place to be on Monday evenings!!!

Wanted: Triathletes!!!!!!

A group of students in University of Limerick are looking for recruits to take part in a research intervention study titled “to investigate the effect of resistance training on triathlon performance indicators”

What is the project about?

It is a common opinion in current research that resistance training improves performance in endurance sport. Most of this research has focused on sports such as running and swimming. As triathlon is made up of swimming cycling and running this study aims to verify that resistance training improves triathlon performance.

What will the project involve?

Volunteers will be evenly and randomly assigned into two groups, the control group and the intervention group. Both groups will engage in a series of performance ‘time-trial’ like testing protocols both prior to and after the intervention period. These tests will be in swimming, cycle and running and will take place in the UL arena. To test swimming performance volunteers will complete an 800m individual time trial in the 50m swimming pool in the UL arena. To test cycling and running performance a ‘brick’ style test will be performed where volunteers will firstly do a 30-minute FTP (functional threshold power) test on a stationary watt bike, volunteers will then have two minutes to change into running shoes and complete a 6-minute run for maximum distance on the UL arena’s 225m indoor running track. The intervention group will then undergo an 8-week strength training protocol as well as continuing with their normal scheduled endurance training. The control group will solely continue their endurance training over the 8-week period and will not engage in any form of resistance training during the intervention period.  All participants will be given a training programme to follow for the course of the intervention. This is to ensure that all participants are doing similar training and that we can be sure what effect resistance training has on performance.

Who can take part?

We are looking for both male and female participants aged between 24 and 40. All participants must be competitive triathletes with a minimum of three years’ experience and be competing at a National series level. Participants must be currently not taking part in any resistance training or of previously used resistance training as part of their triathlon training.

What will you get if you take part?

All participants will receive performance testing in swimming cycling and running. Following the completion of the study all participants will be given individual feedback regarding their own performance in the tests which will allow possible training interventions from the athletes along with their coach. All participants will also be given feedback regarding the outcome of the study.


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That is all for now but keep an eye on the facebook page and club website for an update on the Winter Training schedule later in the week!!!!!! 


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