Dromineer Duathlon Series

Its that time of the year again: Dromineer Duathlon Series!! These club races are great for getting your legs used to going from run to bike to run, and conditioning them to that “jelly” feeling!! There are not many clubs that organise these in-club races so everyone’s participation is highly recommended! These will help immensely when the triathlon season arrives. It is also a good time to start paying attention to transition times, every second helps! (or minute in some cases!!) If you plan on doing the North Tipp Sprint try and complete at least 3 of these races. The Satrurday club cycles will continue on the Saturdays where there are no races.
The schedule is as follows:
Duathlon 1
Saturday, 9th February
Duathlon 2
Saturday, 23rd, February
Duathlon 3
Saturday, 16th March
Duathlon 4,
Saturday, 6th April

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