1 on 1 Swim Coaching

The club realises that triathlon is an expensive sport. To combat this, the club are offering 1 on 1 swim coaching for a very low price of €5 per hour. This offer is open to all triathlon club members, so if you want to improve your swimming join the club.

At the moment the club run 3 swim sessions. It is hard to devote time to individuals at these sessions. Therefore, your stroke might not improve as much as you would like. This is where 1 on 1 coaching is useful. You will get individual stroke analysis and learn a wide variety of drills without 10 other people beside you bumping into you in a lane.

When? Our coach is free 7 days a week to help out. You name a day and time that suits you.

Cost: €5 – typically 1 on 1 coaching would cost €30+

Contact: Send a text to (087) 2605743 to book.

Video Analysis: The club are in the process of purchasing an underwater video camera for swim stroke analysis. We hope to make this facility available to all our club members. There will be an additional €10 charge to get your stroke recorded and analysed. Again, this is very cheap.